Introducing Background Lists


Background Lists is a newly added option to retrieve data from your Donorfy. It uses all of the same functionality as Lists but it compiles it differently and runs it in the background of Donorfy which makes it a swifter option when working with larger data sets and complex filters.

If you would like the option adding to your Donorfy, please contact our support team 

This article explores:

  • Key Features
  • Creating a new List
  • Opening Existing Lists
  • See it in action


Key Features

  • Lists will not automatically compile your constituent data
  • Lists are run in a dedicated area ensuring swift performance 
  • The data result set will be saved for 7 days, after which the data set will be removed. Within the 7 days, you can load the last data set or opt to refresh the List for a new data set.
  • When a large list is being prepared in the job queues you can navigate elsewhere in Donorfy to do any other task you may need to do.
    When you are ready you can open the List again and if it's finished its compiling of data there will be an option to load the data - loading the data will then display the dataset it found.


Creating a new List

When you create a new List it will not automatically retrieve constituent information relating to that List. Instead, there will be an option to 'Save List and Fetch the Results to retrieve the results'.



This allows the List to load quicker prior to adding in your filtering.

Once your filters have been added and the List is ready for retrieving the constituent data, click on 'Save List and Fetch the Results to retrieve the results' 

The List will then search for the constituent data that match your filters. 

When it has returned the details, it will display some further information about the results - who ran the List, and how many rows were found. 


You can then use that List to (depending on the List Type) download the data, sync to Mailchimp, Tag Profiles, archive, add an Activity, etc, in the usual ways. 


Upon closing the List, the data returned on the List will be saved for 7 days.


Opening an existing List

When the List is next opened, the data will not automatically compile, instead, two buttons will be displayed:

  • View Results - this orange button will retrieve and display the results that were last returned (if the List was last saved over 7 days ago this option will not be present)
  • Save List and Fetch the Results - this blue button will:
    • Refresh the List results - any previously saved results will be discarded
    • The list results are then saved 



See it in action 


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Lists - enrol here



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