Manually connecting other email services to Donorfy


Open the Email Server Settings from Settings > Configuration > Email Server Settings  - you will see a form like the one shown below:




  • Select Manual Configuration from the drop-down list


If you are not using one of the email systems such as Office365, Exchange, or Gmail or encounter ongoing problems connecting you can try the Manual Configuration option.

Office365 and Microsoft Exchange Server have their own Manual Setup option, these feature the specific fields that will be required for accessing your email server. such as the settings for Host, Port and Use SSL and potentially need changes to the set up of your email server.

There is also a more generic Manual Configuration option which can be used for connecting email service providers. 

To complete the set up, you will need to refer to your email provider's guidance on host name, Ports, SSL and Domain to use. 

Once the details have been entered click on Save Changes.

Press the 'Send Test Email' button to check your settings are correct - this will send an email to the email address you entered.

If all the details are correct you will get a confirmation message, if there is a problem sending the email you will see an error message including any details returned by your email server.

When the settings are complete press Save Changes


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