Missing a Transaction/data entry from a Donorfy Form?


Missing a Transaction/data entry from a Donorfy Form?

Sometimes when a Form is completed the payment may have been collected or a Direct Debit mandate created but the reCAPTCHA process has flagged the Form as Spam due to a low score or details that the processes assume are non-genuine.

These Forms will be available to view within the Forms > History area of your Donorfy and will be identified by:

  • Description: Unknown
  • Form Status: will be either Spam/Submitted or Error


Filter to locate the Form Status required

When the History area is opened, if no previous filters have been applied, all the Forms that have been completed will be viewable in a list. You can refine this view to only display the Spam/Submitted or Error Forms from the filtering options on the left of the page. Once the filter has been checked, only those Forms will then be displayed.


Review the Form

Previewing the Form will allow you to find out who completed the Form and whether the details entered appear genuine or not. To do this, click on the ‘Unknown’ Description for the entry you would like to view.

Top Tip

Right-click on the ‘Unknown’ Description and then opt to Open Link in a New Tab. This will load the preview in a new browser tab, so that you do not need to re-open the History section once you have reviewed the Form.

Once clicked, a preview page will appear. This will contain a summary of the Form, for example:

  • Form Status
  • Donation Details
  • Name & Address
  • Contact details



Form completion actions

  • Process Form: If you would like to add this to your Donorfy, click on the Process Form button. The Form will be processed and given the status of Processed.
  • Complete later: If you would prefer not to process the Form at this stage, simply close the tab or click back into the Forms > History section from the navigation on the left.
  • Delete Form: If you would deem that this is an invalid Form, then you can permanently delete the Form altogether – click on the Delete button.


Please note

If you opted to Process the Form - the dates on the Timeline will be that of the day the Form was marked as processed - i.e the day you clicked the Process Form button. To ensure that your transaction dates, etc all reconcile the transaction will need to be edited and the dates altered accordingly.

Direct Debit Mandate details will not have been added to the RPI added to a Constituent Timeline. You will need to locate the Mandate ID from your GoCardless dashboard. The Mandate ID will start with a MD.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Donation Forms - enrol here


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