Editing an RPIs details


The details of an RPI can be updated at any stage, so any alterations that supporters may have requested can be accommodated, as well as any internal items such as payment provider is being changed. 

To edit and RPI you will need to:

Locate the RPI on the Constituent's Timeline, and open it up. 

All un-greyed boxes can be altered by either free-typing in the new details or by re-selecting from the drop-down lists. 

Once the changes have been made, click on Save Changes. 


The Collection Method is greyed-out, but can still be changed. To alter the Collection Method, click on the orange Manage RPI button. 

Next, click on Change Collection Method

You will then be presented a set of detail boxes to complete with the information that is required for that particular Collection Method. 

Once completed, click on Save Changes

The new Collection Method will then be set for that RPI


A ChangeLog entry will be created for all changes made to an RPI for auditing purposes. 


The changes will take effect from the next collection. 


Note: when altering the Collection Day, if that day has already been passed in (or payment has already been completed for) the current month, it is best practice to set the Starting Date on the Payments section to be the start of the following month.


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