Creating a Membership Form


You can use Donorfy Forms to allow people to buy a Membership for themselves or as a gift for someone else directly from your website, or via a link within digital communications, such as email, social media post, etc.


Payments for Membership can be by payment card (via Stripe) or Direct Debit (via GoCardless).

You will need to ensure that you have your preferred payment choice(s) connected before adding your membership form. - these articles will assist: 


Creating your Membership Form


To create a new Membership Form, open Forms > Manage Forms

Click the Add Form button and select Membership Sign Up from the dropdown list

Add the name you would like to call your Form in the Form Description box

Select the Campaign you would like to associate it with (the Campaign will need to be created first for it to then display in the dropdown list)



Click on the Save button

You will be presented with the Form behaviour section.


Form Behaviour tab

Within this section, you will see the details you had previously entered and additional details.


Form is Active - Will be set to Yes.
When your Membership Form is no longer required this can be set to No and it will then be deactivated and the Form URL will be disabled.

Description - this is the name or description of the form - internal use only

Campaign associated with the form

Form Title - this will be displayed in the browser tab - i.e when someone accesses your form - e.g. on your website

URL for form - this comprises two parts:

    • the Base URL - this cannot be changed
    • URL suffix - this appears on the end of the URL for the form. Donorfy will generate a random code - you can change this to something more descriptive if you prefer - e.g. if your form allowed people to sign up to a mailing list you could change it to SignUp - please bear in mind that any suffix must be unique - i.e. you cannot have two forms with the same suffix, and can only contain the letters A to Z and numbers 1 to 9 - i.e. do not include spaces, question marks and so on



The Copy URL button copies the complete URL to the clipboard.


After the form is submitted you can specify 

    • Display this message - this is typically used when the form is not displayed as a standalone page, or 
    • Redirect to this URL - this is the link to the page on your website - e.g. to a thank you page - this is typically used when the form is displayed as a standalone page.
      If embedding a form on your website (not a standalone form), the redirect will occur within the iFrame.

Code Snippets


Display form as a standalone page - if this is 'Yes' then when the form is displayed it will:

    • take up the full browser tab or window - i.e. replacing the previous page
    • include the content you have set up under Form | Branding

The code snippet provided allows you to copy and paste it into your website. The snippet depends on whether the form is to be displayed as a standalone page, or not:

        • Standalone page - the snippet is for a button that can be added to your website that will navigate to the page containing your form.
        • Not standalone page - the snippet is for an iframe that can be embedded in a page in your website.


Form Designer 

This is where the main content of your Form is added. You can pick 'n' mix the various Form Elements, collecting as much or as little information as you would like. To find out more about what each type of Form Element does, click here: Available Form Elements

To add the Membership part to your Form is done via the a Membership Element - you will also need a

  • Constituent Details element - to collect the name and contact details of the person buying the membership
  • Submit form element - to allow the completed form to be submitted

You can add other elements - e.g. Communication Consents, Form Content - as needed.


The Membership Element allows you to add up to 6 Membership Products that people can choose from - similar to the example below




Display tab

Within the Display tab of the Membership Element the details entered here will control how the Membership options are presented to your potential Membership subscribers.



Heading for Membership Element

This is the section where you would add the text to promote your memberships and the various benefits of being a member. 

The area is a Text editor, allowing you to add text, other HTML links and images quickly and easily. 
For those who would like to build this in code - there is the option of using HTML code via the Source icon.


Product Options

Under the Product Options section, you can add upto a total of 6 Membership Products. 

Choose the Product for each slot from the dropdown list and click on the 'Show Details' link to set up the product



For each Membership Product you can:

  • Enter the product description - this is a text editor and would be the area where your enticing image, a brief description of the membership and summary pricing is added.
  • Choose the pricing options - you can either
    • Enter fixed prices - i.e. there is one fixed price for monthly and/or annual membership - you can enter a description for each option
    • Offer a choice of prices - this allows you to offer 3 prices to choose from for monthly or annual membership plus the option of allowing people to enter their own price - you can enter a description of each pricing option
  • Whether the membership product allows additional members - e.g. for joint or family membership - you can also add text to explain the membership options 
  • Whether the product can be purchased as a gift - this option allows details of the person receiving the gift to be entered - you can add text to explain how gift membership works, and whether any joining pack can be sent to the member - i.e. the person receiving the gift

You can choose how people can pay for their membership - this can be either Direct Debit (using GoCardless) or a payment card (using Stripe)


Processing Tab

This is where additional settings are assigned for the Membership RPI and the associated Transactions.


  • Settings that will be applied to the membership RPI and transactions
    • Fund
    • Bank Account
    • Department (very helpful for reporting)
    • Channel (marketing channel, not communications Channel - very helpful for reporting)
  • Acknowledgements - Add the email and postal acknowledgements from the drop-down selection.
  • Stripe Specific Settings - set the Payment Method you would like to use for Stripe transactions
  • GoCardless Specific Settings - you can add additional text to display on the GoCardless form (up to 100 characters), and also assign a webpage to be directed to if the set-up of the Mandate has not been successful.
  • Supporter Journey Settings 

Within this section, you can assign an automated Mailchimp Campaign. This uses Mailchimp's Classic Automation, rather than a Mailchimp Supporter Journey - find out more here: Initiating Mailchimp Automations or Supporter Journeys from Donorfy 

    • Membership Automated Campaign - select the relevant automation campaign from the drop-down selection
    • The purpose that must be allowed the Automated Campaign - select the Purpose that you are using for the Automated campaign

Please note

Mailchimp are in the process of sunsetting the Classic Automations feature. The option is now only available to accounts that have previously created a Classic Automation. Click here for further details

If your Mailchimp account does not have this feature, the suggestion is to use a Donorfy Trigger coupled with the Supporter Journey option.


 Prompts & Messages tab

The Prompts and Messages tab allows you to customise the various prompts and messages that appear on the form. 


Once you are happy with the Form, click on Save Changes.


To preview the newly created From, click on the Preview Form button - this will open the Form in preview mode in a new website window



Testing your form 

To test the flow of the new Form and see what is then added to your Donorfy, this article will guide you through the process: Testing your Donorfy Form



Memberships is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Memberships - enrol here


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