Reset Accounts Download where a Previous Period's Download has been Deleted


If an Accounts Download file has been deleted from the Accounts Download area and therefore the date period can no longer be run you can reset the process by using the update file template below. 


You will first need to create a Transaction Payment List, filtered by the Transaction Date range that you are wanting to reset. 

Your List should have the following required field: Transaction Number

Once your List is set as you prefer, download the List. 


Next, download and open the following Template file: Accounts Download Reset Template.xlsx

Read and then remove the Important Notice within the file:


  • You cannot undo updates made by the file uploader.
    It is a good idea to download a list of the donations you plan to update, then if you need to undo an update you will have the original values to apply via another update setting the values back.
  • The update process can only update a record once within the upload file, i.e duplicate entries will cause an error
  • A maximum of 1000 rows (inc headings) can be processed per file.


From your downloaded List, extract the Transaction Number and insert it into the Accounts Download Reset Template

Confirm the action that you are performing via the update by inserting Yes for each row under the Header "Undo Accounts Download" 

Double-check the data, correct as required, and all columns present are those that are to be updated

Once your worksheet is completed, save it as an Excel file (.xlsx) and upload it to Donorfy for checking and applying


Correcting any errors

After you upload a file Donorfy will check it - if there are problems that prevent the data in the file from being imported, a message will be displayed. To correct errors please see Fixing Problems in an Uploaded File


Once the updating process has been finalised, the Accounts Download process can then be re-run.


The Accounts Download processes are a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.

The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Financial Reconciliation - enrol here


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