Synchronising data to Dotdigital (manual)


Constituents can be imported into Dotdigital from any Constituent list. This will create or update contacts in Dotdigital for all the constituents in the list, with all of the data from the configured mappings.

To initiate an update, open the Dotdigital window by clicking on the bulk email icon on the results area in your list.


Select the address book you want to update with all of the constituents in your list.


After the update has been completed you will be sent an email with a summary of the update, including a breakdown of reasons why some constituents may not have been added.

A summary of the update can be found in the Bulk Email Updates tab in the Constituent list the update was run from.

A summary of all updates can be found under Integrations > dotdigital > History.


  • Each Dotdigital account is limited to a single update running at any given time.
  • Each list is limited to one update running at any given time.
  • If all of the mapped channels and purposes are opted out for a constituent, then that constituent will be sent to Dotdigital, but with all preferences set to no, and no data will be attached.



To access the Dotdigital integration you'll need to raise a support ticket



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