Using Triggers to send transactional email (Dotdigital)



Transactional (or one-off) emails can be sent through dotdigital using Donorfy Triggers. There are many reasons why you might want to send a transactional email, including acknowledging form submissions and acknowledging donations.

Before following the next steps, you'll need to have created a Triggered Campaign in Dotdigital, using the format @some_text@ for your personalisation placeholders (rather than the dotdigital data fields). You might get a warning when you try to save it because Dotdigital doesn't recognise the placeholder. This is mentioned in their documentation, and it's fine to click "Save Anyway". Note also that not all blocks can be included in triggered campaigns. The Dotdigital documentation has a list.

Create a Trigger, selecting the appropriate Trigger type, providing a name and selecting the list(s) that determine the conditions for the Trigger.

Add a new Email Constituent using Dotdigital action to the Trigger.


Name the action (e.g. Send Acknowledgement - mid-level General Campaign).

Donorfy will gather a list of available campaigns from Dotdigital for you to select from the list. Pick the appropriate campaign.

If the campaign contains personalisation values, these will be displayed in a list. You can choose which data fields in Donorfy should be used to populate these values. 


Remember to save your changes. The email will be sent to the associated constituent whenever the trigger is run.


  • The constituent is not added to any Dotdigital account or address book when a transactional email is sent, and so the mappings configured between Donorfy and dotdigital will not be applied
  • You can only send transactional emails to "triggered campaigns". If you choose any other type of campaign, you'll be asked to select a different one.



    To access the Dotdigital integration you'll need to raise a support ticket



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