Enrolling a contact in a Dotdigital program


Constituents can be enrolled in dotdigital programs (sometimes referred to as Supporter Journeys) using Donorfy Triggers.

Create a Trigger by selecting the appropriate Trigger type, providing a name and selecting the list(s) that determine the conditions for the Trigger.


Add the dotdigital Program Enrollment action.


In the configuration panel, the dropdown shows a list of all active programs for connected Dotdigital accounts. If you can't see your program, check that it has been activated in Dotdigital.

The constituent will be enrolled with their preferred email address, and they will be added to the Dotdigital address book selected during Dotdigital account setup.

When a constituent is enrolled in a program, all of their mapped data fields will be updated, so your program logic will have access to all the Donorfy data that you've mapped.



To access the Dotdigital integration you'll need to raise a support ticket



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