Working with multiple Dotdigital sub-accounts


A common pattern for Dotdigital users is to maintain multiple sub-accounts - perhaps one for fundraising communications and one for a trading operation, for example. Donorfy's integration handles this, albeit with some caveats.

Users in Donorfy will be able to select triggered campaigns (transactional emails) and programs (supporter journeys) for all connected sub-accounts. In larger organisations, some user training may be required to ensure that users select the correct option

Data fields in Donorfy can be mapped to one or more dotdigital sub-accounts. If the sub-accounts share the same data field/preferences naming scheme, a single mapping can be applied to multiple accounts, by ensuring that all required accounts are selected in the "accounts" box  If the datafields have different names in the different sub-accounts, simply add the mapping again, once for each datafield.



To access the Dotdigital integration you'll need to raise a support ticket



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