Upgrading / Increasing Recurring Payment Instructions (RPIs) via the File Uploader


Upgrades to RPIs

There purpose of this type of import is to increase the amount people are paying under their RPI - e.g. following a campaign to ask people to give more.

The RPIs (and by implication the constituents) must already exist in the database.

Open the data preparation template and remove all the worksheets except the one called 'RPI Upgrade' - the available columns are:

  • RPI Number - this is the number of the existing RPI in Donorfy that you want to upgrade - this must be entered
  • Campaign - the name of the campaign associated with the upgrade - this must be entered
  • Amount - the extra or upgrade amount that will be paid following the upgrade each time a payment is collected - e.g. if the payment frequency is Month then this would be a monthly amount.
    Note that the existing amount(s) on the RPI will still be collected so if someone was giving £10 per month and they upgraded to give an additional £5 the amount column would contain £5 - giving a total for the RPI of £15
  • Start Date -  the date payments are expected to begin
  • End Date - the date payments are expected to end - enter 31/12/2099 if the upgrade does not have an end date
  • Reference
  • Channel
  • Product
  • Department
  • Fund
  • PotentialGiftAid - enter Yes if donations under this instruction can potentially have tax reclaimed under gift aid
  • Comments - text that can be stored for the RPI
  • Beneficiary ConstituentNumber, External Key or Email - if provided this information will be used to find an existing constituent who is the beneficiary of the RPI


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