Assigning a Main Contact to a Constituent Profile


For organisational constituent profiles, you can assign a Main Contact.

This could be someone who you have the most contact with, your point of contact, or perhaps the CEO - it all depends on how you are using your data.

To assign the Main Contact, they first need to be on Donorfy, once on Donorfy, they will have their own Constituent Profile and so can be linked.

Click on the Find button under the Organisation name


Then search for the constituent that you would like to assign to be the Main Contact, once located click on it and then OK. 


This will then link the two profiles, for example: 




This is then your visual reference as to whom is your main contact at that organisation and provides you with easy access to that constituent's information.


So that you can report on and contact that person easily, we highly advise adding a Connection (of 'main contact') between the two constituent profiles also - see Connections


This is because the Main Contact's details, such as address, email, phone number, etc are not available from a Constituent List, only the Name is provided. 


You can use a Connection List to locate the details instead. This List type will provide you with contact details for both Constituents.




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