Gift Aid – Reporting


When Gift Aid has been claimed via Donorfy’s HMRC integration or has been added to a transaction via the uploader the amount that was claimed is then added to the Transaction header.

You can see the amount claimed within the status area of a Transaction on a constituent Timeline.


You can report on your Gift Aid as below:


By each claim submitted

You can download each claim submitted to the HMRC via the Previous Claims Tab from within the Gift Aid area.



The report contains:

  • Constituent details
  • Payment Date 
  • Product          
  • Payment Method        
  • Department    
  • Fund   
  • Net Donation Amount
  • Amount to be Reclaimed        
  • Tax Rate Percent         
  • Error Details    
  • Reclaim Status


By Lists

Gift Aid is reportable from within a Transaction Payment List (Gift Aid Amount Claimed field). Lists can be used as overall reporting to show which donations for a particular date range had Gift Aid claimed, however, it won't be able to show the Gift Aid claimed for a particular Gift Aid claim – this is done from within the Gift Aid Previous Claims area.


Filtered the List by Gift Aid Amount Claimed => 0.01 


Add any other filters, such as Payment Method to refine what type of Transactions with Gift Aid you are wanting to report on – i.e. claimed via Donorfy, JustGiving, CAF, other third party platforms that claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

Once the filters and your data fields (for Gift Aid you will need the 'Gift Aid Amount Claimed' field) are all in place, the List can be Saved and Previewed and then downloaded for further analysis.


By Dashboards

Dashboards feature a quick view of the Gift Aid that is Ready to Claim (only) - see Setting Up Dashboard Tiles for further information.


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