Visibility of Dashboard Tiles


Who can see the Dashboard Tiles?

Visibility of Dashboard Tiles is set per Donorfy User from within their User Profile Permission Settings - Donorfy Users with Administrative account permission can set the view of the Dashboards for each User in their Donorfy - see this article

There are 3 options:

  • No Dashboard Access
  • Selected Dashboard Tiles Only
  • Full Dashboard Access


Using the Selected Dashboard Tiles Only option allows you to personalise the tiles for each user so it's much more useful for their particular job / function / department - i.e the Finance Director will want to see different views than the Fundraising Administrator. 


Can't see the Dashboards?

If you can not see Dashboard tiles within your Home area in Donorfy, please contact your Donorfy Administrator, who will then be able to grant you the access as you require.


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