Adding a new Constituent


There are a number of ways to add a new Constituent to your Donorfy, these are:

However, here we’ll focus on adding a Constituent manually, links to the other options will be provided at the foot of the article.

This article also assumes that you are already familiar with what a Constituent Profile looks like (see here) and that your Settings have already been configured, such as Constituent Type, Tags, Areas, defaults, etc (see settings).


Adding a new Constituent

To add a new Constituent click on the Add button at the top of your Donorfy (the Add button is always available at the top of the screen)

This will bring up a List of Constituent Types that can be added, click on the Constituent Type that you would like to add, for example, ‘Individual’



Presented on the screen will be a form to start entering in key details about that Constituent: name, email address, phone number. When you start to add details, Donorfy will automatically start to check for duplicates, this will appear on the right side of the screen.



If you find that the constituent has already been added, you can click on the name of the Constituent and it will take you directly to their Constituent Profile.

If a duplicate has not been identified, then you can opt to add address details by clicking on the Add Address link or add that detail later.


Once all the core information about that constituent has been added, click on the Add button.

This will then create a new Constituent Profile and confirm this in a green banner at the top of your screen. Clicking on the link text 'Click here to go to the record' it will take you directly to that Profile.



From here, you can add other details for that Constituent, such as

This article guides you through the various panels on a Constituent Profile: The Constituent Profile


To add the above detail to the Constituent profile, click into the field you would like to update and then either type the detail in, or in the case of Tags, select from the drop-down list that is displayed.


To add Constituents by other means, please refer to the following articles/areas in our Knowledge Base:







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