Payment via Stripe - Overview


Stripe allows your donors to securely give one-off and recurring gifts using credit/debit cards via the Donorfy Campaign Donation Pages and Donorfy donation Forms, Memberships and Donorfy Web Widgets. 

Stripe payments are available to both Essentials Plan and Professional Plan subscribers as outlined below:


Type Campaign Donation Pages Donorfy Donation Forms Memberships Web Widgets
Essentials Plan
Professional Plan


If you would like to benefit from the Membership or Web Widget options (see here for the current pricing), then just let us know and we'll get your Professional subscription set up. All of your data is preserved, and the additional features available under Professional are unlocked.


What the integration does

  • Allows you to collect secure single payments or regular payments by debit or credit card via your online forms with ease. 
  • Provide other payment options, such as Apple Pay, GPay, Microsoft Pay and PayPal on your Donorfy Donation Forms for single payments
  • All data captured on the online form will be seamlessly passed into your Donorfy in real-time and will be added directly to an existing Constituent or new Constituent as determined by the duplicate matching scores.
  • Payment references are added to the Transaction to enable swift and easy financial reconciliation.


What the integrations does not do

  • Where payments are being received into your Stripe account from Stripe Plans or third-party sources, such as an online store, these will not be added to your Donorfy and instead will need to be downloaded from Stripe and then uploaded to Donorfy via the Donations Upload Template. 
  • Create Subscription Plans within Stripe. All regular payments created by Donorfy will be added as an RPI to the Constituent Timeline and the payment process will be managed by Donorfy.
  • Allow for the linking of multiple Stripe accounts. Only one can be connected to Donorfy.


Discover more, connect and create


Find out more about Stripe in Donorfy

Connecting to Stripe

Create: Campaign Donation Page

Create: Donorfy Forms

Create: Memberships

Create: Web Widgets



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