Updating Tags on Constituent Profiles


The File Uploader will allow for Tags to be added or removed, or Tags with extra fields to be added. What it does not do, however, is update existing Tags on Constituent Profiles with changed or additional information.


To achieve the addition of data into Existing Tags, you will first need to create a List of all the constituents using a Constituent Tag List


  • Add to the data output view the custom fields and other fields such as Start Date, End Date, Campaign, Notes, Constituent Number
  • Next, download the List to Excel. 
  • Copy that data into the File Upload Template for Tags with Extra fields
  • Insert the additional data into the field(s) where it is required to go


Top Tip - When adding the extra information - set a colour for the row it was added to

When all data has been added and the rows coloured, Sort your spreadsheet by colour, for example:


This will then add the rows with a colour to the top of the spreadsheet (see image below) and make it easier for you to locate and remove the non-required Constituent Profiles




  • Next, delete all non-coloured rows
  • Once they have been deleted you will only be left with those records that have had additional data added
  • Highlight all of the coloured rows and set them back to have no colour
  • Rename the worksheet tab to be: Tags
  • Save your spreadsheet


You can now use this file to remove the Tag for these Constituents as described in: Updating Tags and Channels with an Upload File


After the Tags have been removed, open your spreadsheet and rename the worksheet tab be: Tags With Extra Fields and save your spreadsheet


You can now upload this to your Donorfy


When it has completed the data upload, the Tag and original data will be added back, along with the additional information that you needed to add. 


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