Social Media IDs


On the Constituent Profile, a Constituent's social media links can be added, this allows users to find website addresses, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, etc. quickly, rather than having to perform searches via those mediums or a more general search on a search engine.


To add a Social Media ID option

  • Open Settings > Configuration > Social Media Ids


  • Click on the + icon to the right of the screen
  • Enter the description for the social media option being added (this is the display name)
  • Add a favicon icon code - favicons are from Font Awesome -
    To locate the code, search for the required item, click on the image item and note the second part of the code, for example: Adding an icon for LinkedIn, use the highlighted section:

    Enter it in as fa fa-{brand name} - e.g: fa fa-linkedin
  • Add the Name (actual name of social media option)
  • Ensure it is set to Active
  • Click on Save Changes

Below is an example of LinkedIn's Social Media ID:



The social media option will then be available for use within your Donorfy within the Social panel section of a Constituent’s Profile:



Adding a Social Media ID to the Social Panel

Either free-type or copy and paste the URL into the relevant Social Media Id field 

When all have been added, click on Save Changes


Using Social Media IDs

It is not possible to click the URL and open the webpage as the field is stored as text only. To use a stored link, click into the field and copy the URL and then paste it into a new web browser window.


Reporting on Social Media ID in Lists

In your List, click on the data field selector icon, and type 'Social' into the search field - the options will then be displayed:



Each of the URLs stored within the Social Media Id fields will be displayed within the same column


Adding Social Media IDs via the File Uploader

Social Media Ids can be uploaded via the File Uploader, see: the following article for further details: Updating Website Addresses and Social Media IDs with the File Uploader 



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