Activity Types


Donorfy comes with some pre-configured Activity Types, however, other Activity Types can be added within Donorfy Settings so that the selection is applicable for your organisation's purposes.

Activities are items of data that you wish to capture that are not financial. There is no limit to the number of Activity Types that can be added and has the ability to capture additional information within custom fields which makes this section super flexible allowing items to be added such as:

  • Gift in Kind items
  • Notes
  • Volunteer information
  • Tracking of Charity Cash Tins
  • Event details
  • Contact history items, for example, outgoing or incoming emails,
  • etc. 

There are some Activity Types that are used by some Donorfy Processes so it is suggested that you do not remove or rename the following Activity Types:

  • Communication Preference Confirmation
  • Send to Donorfy
  • Gift Aid Declaration
  • Email Inbound
  • Email Outbound
  • Record Merged
  • Subscribed to list
  • Unsubscribe from List
  • Eventbrite Order
  • Eventbrite Attendee
  • Data Cleaned
  • Notes
  • Fundraising Page Created
  • Payment Collection Info

Some of these will only be used if you are using certain integrations


To add an Activity Type

  • Open Settings > Configuration > Activity Types


  • Click on the + icon to the right of the screen

You will be presented with a form to complete for the Activity Type, as shown below:


Complete the following

  1. Enter the description for the Activity Type being added 
  2. Ensure it is set to Active
  3. Enter any custom fields that you need to capture data for.
    There are a total of 40 custom fields that can be used:
    • 10 x Text (50 character limit for the description)
    • 10 x Number 
    • 10 x Date
    • 10 x Yes/No

For further details about the custom fields, please see this article: Adding Custom Fields to Activities

  • Save the Changes


The Activity Type will then be available for use within your Donorfy:

From the Constituent’s Timeline



To add an Activity to a Constituent Timeline, please refer to this article: Adding Activities to the Timeline


From the Form builder



These articles provide further details about using Activities in Forms: Creating and Editing Forms and Available Form Elements


Searching Activity Types

The number of Activity Types in your Donorfy may be plentiful and to locate the one you want to add detail to, set an inactive or re-name (non-default Activity Types) there is a search function that can be used. Typing a keyword into the search box will filter the list, for example:



Reporting on Activity Types in Lists

There is a specific List Type called Activity that can be used to locate the data for all Activities added to Constituent Timelines. This List Type can be filtered to a specific Activity or a number of Activities. 


You can find further details about an Activity List here: Lists Overview


Deleting Activity Types

If you delete an Activity Type, the Activity will remain on a Constituent Timeline, but the Activity Type will be changed to Notes. 




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