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Here at Donorfy we regularly release updates to our software to ensure that it is working as intended and also to add additional functionality that we know you'll love.

Keeping you up-to-date on these changes is key to you so that you can continue making the best use of Donorfy in your everyday work, enabling you to do more of what matters.

Below you will find all of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base, along with updates to existing articles. Items in bold are key updates.

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2023 Updates and New Articles
Article Type Date Summary

Moving Donations from the Ready to Claim tab to the Active Claim tab in bulk

New 26/05/2023 How to move your Ready to Claim Gift Aids in bulk to the Active Claim

Enthuse integration

New 16/05/2023 A brand new integration from Donorfy. Now open for Beta Testing.

Adding Pictures to Acknowledgements, Documents and Forms

Update 16/05/2023 Update to the way in which Google Drive images are added to Acknowldgements and donation Forms

Including a Preference Update Link in an Email

Update 15/03/2023 Clarification to which emails the Preference Update Link can be used within 

Adding PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to your Web Widgets

New 09/02/2023 How to add Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal to your Web Widgets

Disable Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal on Web Widgets

New 09/02/2023 Disabling Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal buttons on your Web Widgets

FAQ: Notification of completed Form

New 03/01/2023 How to set up notifications for Forms



2022 Updates and New Articles
Article Type Date Summary

JustGiving - FAQs


Eventbrite – how email addresses are matched to constituents

Update 22/12/2022 Change related to the way in which supporters and attendees are matched to existing Constituents in Donorfy. The process now uses the Confidence scores as described in the duplicates process.
Forms - Google Analytics New 15/12/2022 Details on how to add a Tracking Code to Donorfy Forms
Initiating Mailchimp Automations or Supporter Journeys from Donorfy Update 14/12/2022 Update relating to Mailchimp sunsetting the Classic Automations feature.

This relates to all areas where Classic Automations can be used:
Updating Transactions using the File Uploader Temporary Update 13/12/2022 A note about Campaigns and Transaction updates
Changing a Constituent's Constituent Type New 06/10/2022 How to change a Constituent's Constituent Type
Settings overview Update 05/10/2022 Links to settings articles added
Updating Tags on Constituent Profiles New 30/09/2022 Update Tags with adding extra data where that Tag already exists on Constituent Profiles
Payment via Stripe - Overview New 30/09/2022 Provides an overview of the Stripe integration, what it does and does not do
Implementing Web Widgets on your website Update 30/09/2022 Addition of further best practices
Trigger Actions - Create a Word Document New 29/09/2022 Create a document for Mail Merge by a Trigger Action
Triggers Update 29/09/2022 New Trigger Types for Pledges
New Trigger Actions for Document/Letter Printing and Dotdigital integration
Standalone Pledges New 28/09/2022 How to add Pledges not linked to an Opportunity.
Adding a Constituent to Donorfy New 22/09/2022 Pooling of details from a number of sources into a central article
Adding Custom Fields to Activities Update 20/09/2022 Clarification of the maximum number of characters for a field title and the data entry
Sending Transactions to Xero for reconciliation Update 08/09/2022 £0.00 or Null value allocations prevent the Transaction from being sent to Xero
FAQ: Can I add a required field? New 30/08/2022 A way to add an alternative to a required field to your Donorfy Forms
Trigger Placeholders Update 25/08/2022 Updated Placeholder names and addition of 3 more Gift Aid related Placeholders
Accounts Download Update 16/08/2022 Clarification of Processing Costs on a Transaction List Account Download
Update Web Widget Communication Consents  New 30/09/2022 How to update your Web Widget communication Consents when Channel consents options have been changed from Opt-in to legitimate interest and vice-versa
Introducing Background Lists New 26/07/2022 Optimised way of running Lists 
Update Forms Communication Consents  New 26/07/2022 How to update your Form's communication Consents when Channel consents options have been changed from Opt-in to legitimate interest and vice-versa
Channels Update 18/07/2022 Includes a more defined way to manage legitimate interests
Available Form Elements Update 14/07/2022 Addition of Membership Element


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