FAQ: OnlineFundraising and adding Date of Birth to Donorfy


The Date of Birth (DOB) is not added to Donorfy when the Constituent is via the integration.


It is not currently possible to map Date of Birth into Donorfy from Online Fundraising however you can calculate this using the Constituent's National Id number (CPR).
The first 6 digits of the CPR number can be extracted to work out the DOB (dd/mm/yy). You can use the File Updater (using data obtained from OnlineFundraising as National ID is not available in Lists currently) to add the details to the Constituent Profiles in bulk or you can add manually as required.


To update constituent profiles see here: Updating Constituents using the File Uploader





The Online Fundraising integration is a Professional-only feature. Danish Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Other requirements: the integration only applies to Online Fundraising version 4 and later. Prior versions cannot be integrated.


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