• Settings overview

    When you get started with Donorfy you're going to want to set up the system to reflect your organisation's needs and when you are already up and running with Donorfy you'll need to ensure that your settings continue to reflect what your organisati...

    Robin Fisk
  • Searching Settings > Configuration

    Settings allow you to perform various system administration functions, such as adding users, adding, changing or deleting entries on the various lists etc To access configuration and user management options open the sub-menu under Settings as show...

    Ben Brett
  • Activity Types

    Donorfy comes with some pre-configured Activity Types, however, other Activity Types can be added within Donorfy Settings so that the selection is applicable for your organisation's purposes. Activities are items of data that you wish to capture t...

    Graham Bell
  • Adding Custom Fields to Activities

    You can record a plethora of different types of information: notes, event attendance, mailouts, volunteering information, etc. To capture additional details not available within the main Activity fields  there are additional custom fields that can...

    Ben Brett
  • Address Area

    Apart from the usual address fields, you may want to add some further segmentation, boundaries, local teams, etc. to use for reporting or to quickly see what local team is assigned to a constituent. To add an area Open Settings > Configuration > ...

    Graham Bell
  • Address Regions

    Apart from the usual address fields, you may want to add some further segmentation, Country regions, boundaries, local regional teams, etc. to use for reporting.  To add a Region Open Settings > Configuration > Address Regions Click on the + i...

    Graham Bell
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Security and User Management

  • Keeping your organisation's information safe

    Keeping your organisation's information safe and protected from those with malicious intent has long been a priority of businesses. Whilst there are lots as a CRM provider that we do to ensure that your data is protected we thought we’d compile a ...

    Graham Bell
  • Donorfy Security Centre

    Keeping your Donorfy secure and maintaining security is always a high priority for system administrators, and to help you do just this the Security Centre Dashboard will provide you with the information you need. What information does it provide? ...

    Graham Bell
  • Inviting Other People to Use Donorfy

    If you are a member of the admin role you can invite other people to use Donorfy, to do this: Click on Users under Settings Click on the ‘Send Invites to New Users’ tab Enter the name and email address of the person you want to invite Choose t...

    Ben Brett
  • Managing Users and Security

    If you are a user with Administrator role permissions you can control the access other people have to your Donorfy, to do this: Click on Users under Settings Select the ‘Existing Users’ tab From this tab you can Change user access rights (permi...

    Ben Brett
  • User Permissions

    Within your Donorfy the system administrator/s are able to restrict access to different areas and features.  There are 3 main levels of user security permissions: Viewer, Standard, and Administrator. For the Professional Plan, there is more custom...

    Ben Brett
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Two factor authentication is an additional security feature designed to help prevent unauthorised access to your Donorfy by asking you to enter a code generated by your phone when you sign in. To use two factor authentication you need an authenti...

    Ben Brett
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