• Sending Emails from Donorfy

    You can send documents by email to your constituents from Donorfy using your own email server. To set this up you need a valid email address & password to use with your email server. Note: Increasing email providers are no longer allowing of m...

    Ben Brett
  • Creating an Email Template

    Before you create your email template, please ensure that your email settings have been established first: Sending Emails from Donorfy Creating an Email Template From Settings > Configuration > Acknowledgements & Documents you can create your emai...

    Graham Bell
  • Using Gmail with Donorfy

    Go into Settings in Donorfy and search for 'Email Server Settings' - you will see a form like the one shown below - choose 'Gmail' as the Pre-configured Email Server   Next, enter your Gmail email address and password    Click on Save Changes  ...

    Ben Brett
  • Error Authorising Gmail

      Sometimes when authorising to Donorfy to link to your gmail you may see an error message similar to the one below - to resolve the error click on the Advanced link (If you do not see the Advanced link, then see GSuite Security Centre note below...

    Ben Brett
  • GMail Tokens Expiring

    If you have found that your GMail has stopped working with Donorfy it may be one of the following:   Account password: Firstly, has someone changed your email account password and not updated the Donorfy settings and Authorised GMail? Re-enter the...

    Graham Bell
  • Troubleshooting Problems Sending Emails

    Listed below are some error messages that can be returned from your email system when sending emails from Donorfy, together with suggestions for how to resolve them. Often the solution requires changes to your email setup which will require the in...

    Ben Brett
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Facebook Giving Tools

  • Introduction to the Facebook Giving Tools integration

    Facebook's giving tools enable verified nonprofits to collect donations within the Facebook and Instagram social networks.  It does this by enabling you (the nonprofit) to place Donate buttons in various locations around your Page and Posts. It al...

    Robin Fisk
  • Setting up the Facebook Giving Tools integration

    To set up the Facebook Giving Tools integration you need open Integrations > Facebook Giving Tools   Next, click on the Settings tab.     Default Mappings section Complete the mappings for each item: Purpose for Opt-insThe first option lets y...

    Robin Fisk
  • Importing the Multi-Day Transaction file from Facebook

    Exporting the data from Facebook Donation and Fundraiser / Button information appears in Donorfy as a result of you uploading the information that you must first export from Facebook, using the Multi-day Transaction Report, which you can find in t...

    Robin Fisk
  • Managing Facebook Fundraisers, Donate Buttons and Donations

    You can view the specific Donate Buttons and Fundraisers from which donors have made their donations in the Integrations > Facebook Giving Tools > Fundraisers and Donate Buttons tab.     A list of your Fundraiser and buttons will be displayed, al...

    Robin Fisk
  • How to Message your Fundraisers

    For each type of fundraiser - e.g. Birthday Fundraiser - you can set up different types of messages - e.g. you could decide on the following 3 messages Thank you for setting up a page - which would be sent when the page is setup Hints & Tips for ...

    Ben Brett
  • Facebook Giving Tools FAQs

    Q: Why isn't a new Fundraiser showing up in the Fundraisers and Donate Buttons table? A: We only get information about a Fundraiser or Button once it has got its first donation.   Q: I receive an error message when I uploaded my data "The checking...

    Robin Fisk

Virgin Money Giving

  • Introduction to the Virgin Money Giving integration

    By integrating Virgin Money Giving with Donorfy you will be able to see donors' donations and fundraising in Donorfy, contributing to the 360-degree view of each constituent that Donorfy provides. This integration is available in both the Essentia...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Setting up the Virgin Money Giving integration

    To set up the Virgin Money Giving integration you need to go to Integrations > Virgin Money Giving   Next, click on the Settings tab.   Default Mappings section Complete the mappings for each item: Purpose for Opt-ins The first option lets you...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Importing Donation and Payment Report files from Virgin Money Giving

    Exporting the data from Virgin Money Giving Donation and fundraising page information appears in Donorfy as a result of you uploading the information that you must first export from Virgin Money Giving using the Donation Report or Payment Report. ...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Managing Fundraising Pages for Virgin Money Giving

    Managing Fundraising Pages You can view the specific fundraising pages from which donors have made their donations in Integrations | Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising Pages tab. Expand the fundraising page by clicking on it: Clicking on the fundr...

    Mike Dillamore


  • Introduction to Forms

    Donorfy Forms allows you to create web forms that can be filled in and submitted online. When a form is submitted it directly updates your Donorfy database with the information entered, according to the form's configuration. Examples of Forms that...

    Ben Brett
  • Creating and Editing Forms

    Creating a Form To create a form, go to Forms > Manage Forms and click on Add Form. You can then enter  Form Type - select from a number of ready-made form types: Donation Contact Us Volunteer Application Gift Aid Declaration Opt-in  Blank Form...

    Ben Brett
  • Available Form Elements

    Form Elements are added to your form to display different content and provide different functionality on your form - these are the available elements:   Form Content This element allows you to add text and images to your form - e.g. for the form h...

    Ben Brett
  • Apple Pay

    Donorfy Forms can accept donations and payments using Apple Pay - you need to connect your Donorfy to Stripe to use Apple Pay and then set up Apple Pay in your Stripe dashboard - this is done as follows Go to the Apple Pay page in your Stripe acc...

    Ben Brett
  • PayPal

    Donorfy Forms can accept donations and payments using PayPal. To take advantage of this you will need a PayPal merchant account for your organisation - note that this is different from a personal PayPal account. You can sign up for a merchant acc...

    Ben Brett
  • Google Pay & Microsoft Pay

    Donorfy Forms can accept donations and payments using both Google Pay & Microsoft Pay - you need to connect your Donorfy to Stripe to offer these ways of donating. On the Processing tab of the Donation element on your form(s) make sure that 'Allow...

    Ben Brett
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  • What does the Donorfy to Mailchimp sync do?

    The sync to MailChimp from Donorfy work as follows: Constituent Details  The following data from Donorfy is used when updating MailChimp: Email address Last Name First Name (last name and first name are held in MailChimp merge fields). Only one ...

    Graham Bell
  • Mailchimp integration overview

    You can click through a short explainer presentation here or a 40 minute deep-dive video here: The link between Donorfy and Mailchimp allows you to Send constituents and optionally information about their tags and communication purposes from Don...

    Robin Fisk
  • Moving to one Audience (List) in Mailchimp

    Within your Mailchimp account you can have many Mailchimp Audiences (formerly Lists). For example, you may have 3 audiences: those who have subscribed to the Newsletter those who want to hear about Volunteering opportunities those who want to hea...

    Robin Fisk
  • How to link Donorfy and Mailchimp

    NOTE: the integration uses Mailchimp's API. Please check their website for availability of the API for your organisation. It may not be available on certain price plans - this beyond Donorfy's control. Keep Donorfy and your Mailchimp audiences (fo...

    Robin Fisk
  • Step 1: Mailchimp integration - Configuration settings

      To establish the link between Donorfy and Mailchimp you will firstly need to generate a Mailchimp API key.  To generate your Mailchimp API key, sign in to your Mailchimp account. Click on the account options under your sign in name and select A...

    Ben Brett
  • Step 2: Mailchimp integration - Linking your audience to Donorfy

    Once you have connected Mailchimp to Donorfy - see this article - you will now be able to choose which Mailchimp audiences (previously known as lists) you want to link Donorfy, as shown below.     Link you MailChimp Audience From within Integrat...

    Graham Bell
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  • Eventbrite integration overview

    Manage events with the market-leading event management solution Eventbrite. The integration with Donorfy means that event orders, attendances, fees and check-ins are recorded in Donorfy automatically. If this is the first time configure your set...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Linking Eventbrite and Donorfy

    You can link Eventbrite to Donorfy so the details of people that register for an event are automatically added to Donorfy - this is what you have to do. You will need your Donorfy API key - see this article for help with that You need to delve int...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Connecting an Eventbrite event to a Donorfy Campaign

    You can connect Eventbrite events to Donorfy Campaigns so that mappings can be set up specifically for this event, as opposed to using the default mappings in Donorfy's Eventbrite integration settings. To connect an Eventbrite event to a Donorfy C...

    Robin Fisk
  • Eventbrite – activities in Donorfy

    Once Donorfy and Eventbrite have been linked, an Activity will be created any time a ticket order is placed for a free event. (For paid events, the corresponding transaction may be used to track orders.) The default Activity type for this is ‘Even...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Eventbrite - Check-ins

    Check-ins If Eventbrite is being used to check-in attendees on arrival, these check-ins may be recorded in Donorfy by making a mapping to a Yes/No field of the activity.  This feature is available only when an event is mapped to a campaign and the...

    Graham Bell
  • Eventbrite – transactions In Donorfy

    Transactions for paid-for events may be created in Donorfy. This option is configurable via the main Eventbrite Settings page. If this option is enabled, you will need to choose the default Payment Method - which may be overridden for any Campaign...

    Mike Dillamore
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  • JustGiving - how to sync newly added constituents to MailChimp

    Any new constituents added via JustGiving will have their Channels and Purposes set as below and will not automatically be added to your Constituent List used to sync with MailChimp: Channels: All set as undefined Purposes: any opted into will be...

    Graham Bell
  • JustGiving - Charity Challenges

    JustGiving has been providing a number of charity challenges held both virtually and live-action - most recent challenge examples have been 2.6 Challenge, 5K May (Run for Heroes), and Captain Tom 100 (Macmillan Cancer Support). These challenges ar...

    Graham Bell
  • JustGiving integration overview

    What does the integration achieve? If you link Donorfy to JustGiving then Donorfy will retrieve the details of people who have raised money for you via JustGiving: both fundraisers and any donors who elect not to be anonymous. Fundraising pages a...

    Mike Dillamore
  • How to link JustGiving and Donorfy

    NOTE: the integration uses JustGiving's Data API. Please check JustGiving's website for the availability of the Data API for your organisation. It may not be available on certain price plans - this is beyond Donorfy's control.   To allow Donorfy t...

    Mike Dillamore
  • Finding your JustGiving Charity ID

    To find your JustGiving charity ID you need to log into your charity account on JustGiving, then... Click on "Settings":   Then click on "Edit charity details":   Your charity ID is shown on that page:  

    Mike Dillamore
  • JustGiving - settings and mappings overview

    For maximum flexibility, there are several ways to configure mappings of JustGiving donation data when it is pulled into Donorfy: Donorfy's default JustGiving Settings area, i.e. Integrations > JustGiving > Settings Campaign-specific settings in ...

    Mike Dillamore
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Xero bank reconciliation

  • Redirect

    Please see the Xero section in Financial.

    Robin Fisk

OnlineFundraising (Denmark)

  • OnlineFundraising Error and Cancel reasons

    The reasons used in Donorfy are based on error and cancel codes provided by OnlineFundraising. Error Reasons Donorfy Reason PaymentMethod GatewayErrorCode Subscription ErrorCode PaymentMethod ErrorCode Wrong Reg, Account 230940     Invalid ...

    Mark Eastwood
  • Payment refunds from OnlineFundraising

    When a payment in OnlineFundraising is refunded for any reason an activity will be created on the Constituents timeline along with a new transaction with negative amounts. This is helpful for compiling the tax report.

    Mark Eastwood
  • Overview

    Online Fundraising is the payments solution for the various payment methods in Denmark - these include: Betalingsservice (formerly known as PBS), which is a kind of direct debit solution provided by NETS for recurring payments MobilePay one-off ...

    Robin Fisk
  • How the integration works

    First, please make sure that you have followed the instructions in the Getting Started guide. When the integration has been set up, OnlineFundraising populates Donorfy with constituents, Transactions and Recurring Payment instructions in (more or ...

    Robin Fisk
  • Getting Started with the OnlineFundraising integration

    This article describes the steps required to enable and configure the OnlineFundraising integration. Webhook It is currently not possible to edit the Webhook URL in OF, this must be done by OF support. Please contact OF support to have this config...

    Mark Eastwood
  • Making OnlineFundraising Forms work with Donorfy

    The OnlineFundraising integration allows you to configure your OnlineFundraising forms to map data back into Donorfy so that Donorfy is populated with the right information when someone makes a payment (or takes out a recurring payment). For gener...

    Mark Eastwood
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