Online donations

  • Online giving options with Donorfy

    Donorfy offers various ways for you to collect donations online with the benefit of them being added directly into your Donorfy database - donation forms & widgets (cards and direct debits) and campaign pages (cards only).   Accepting Direct Debit...

    Robin Fisk
  • Viewing the donations that were made via your website

    When donations are made via a Donorfy form, a web widget or donation page created for a campaign they are automatically processed and the details are added to Donorfy. For Donations made via a Donorfy Form To see more detail click on the + next to...

    Ben Brett


  • Form & Web Widget Security

    We monitor requests made to web widgets and forms to try and  Identify and block suspicious requests Block automated form submissions - i.e. submissions from spambots   Identify and Blocking Suspicious Requests If the pattern of requests from a ...

    Ben Brett
  • Transactions Marked as High Fraud Risk by Stripe

    If you start to notice transactions in your Stripe dashboard which are blocked as being fraudulent it could be that fraudsters are trying to use your donation page for card testing - which means they're testing whether credit card details they hav...

    Ben Brett

Web Widgets

  • Web Widgets Introduction

      Web widgets are a kind of easy API for web designers, making it possible for them to build and embed completely customisable giving pages onto your website, using the popular Stripe (for payment cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal) and GoCa...

    Robin Fisk
  • Implementing Web Widgets on your website

    This guide is designed for web developers and web designers for the implementation of Web Widgets on to your website.   How Donorfy Web Widgets work A Web Widget is HTML code that can be embedded into most modern websites to enable online donatio...

    Robin Fisk
  • Adding PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to your Web Widgets

    Adding PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to your Web Widget(s) makes it even easier for your supporters to donate to your charity or make a financial transaction for another purpose by replacing the need to find their physical card and tap in those...

    Graham Bell
  • Web Widgets Donations and Existing Constituents

    If someone makes a donation via a Donorfy web widget or a campaign donation page Donorfy will try and match the donation to your existing constituents. The matching process uses the same approach that we use for duplicate checking see 'How the che...

    Ben Brett
  • Allowing Purposes in Web Widgets 

    Donorfy's Web Widgets allow you to add allowed or blocked Purposes to Constituent Profiles added or updated via a Web Widget - to use this feature you need to make some changes to the HTML generated for the Web Widget. The details of the allowed o...

    Ben Brett
  • Using Tags with Web Widgets

    Donorfy Web Widgets allow you to add active or blocked tags to constituents added or updated via a web widget - to use this feature you need to make some changes to the HTML generated for the web widget. The details of the active or blocked tags y...

    Ben Brett
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Campaign Donation Pages

  • Campaign Donation Page

    This option is available in the both Donorfy Essentials and Professional plans  You can create a transactional page that will allow you take one-off or recurring donations for your Campaign - these pages are hosted by Donorfy so you don't need to ...

    Ben Brett