General FAQs

  • How to find all constituents without a valid Gift Aid Declaration (GAD)

    You may want to run a Gift Aid Campaign or just report on constituent profiles that do not have a valid Gift Aid declaration, this article runs through the key steps to do just this...   To do this you will need to: Find and Tag all those with a v...

    Graham Bell
  • FAQ: How often is Donorfy backed up?

    All data on Donorfy is backed up throughout the day at regular intervals via our Microsoft Azure Server. This is described in more detail on the Microsoft website here. Further to this a daily backup to AWS backups in case anything catastrophic oc...

    Graham Bell
  • Resetting your password / Forgotten your password

    If you are not able to log in due to your password either not working or you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily reset the password by requesting a new one. To request a new password from your login page ( Click on...

    Graham Bell
  • Changing Your Username or Password

    To change your username or change or reset your password sign on to Donorfy - your  initials will be displayed at the top on the righthand side - see example below     When you click on your name a form will be displayed that will enable you to m...

    Ben Brett
  • FAQ: Putting a Campaign Totaliser on your Website

    We are often asked about whether it is possible to add a totaliser to a charities campaign appeal web page.   Whilst the ability to draw campaign summary data via the API to be able to display the total on a webpage is unfortunately not something ...

    Graham Bell
  • Donorfy Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice and Direct Debit Guarantee

    When creating a Donorfy account, the person setting up your Donorfy database will have agreed to the following items: Terms and Conditions Privacy Notice Agreed to pay via Direct Debit - Professional Plan Sometimes, the documents for these items...

    Graham Bell
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Finance FAQs

  • How do I change the billing contact details?

    If you need to change the contact details for your Donorfy subscription, you can do so within Donorfy itself... Open Settings > Account > Billing   Once you have entered the new details, click on 'Update'

    Graham Bell
  • All Allocations must have a Fund Message

    All allocations for transactions and recurring payment instructions must have a fund associated with them - to enter the fund you need to open up the detail of the allocation using the down arrow (highlighted with a yellow box below) - then you ca...

    Ben Brett
  • Transactions Entered in Error

    If a transaction has been entered in error - depending on the type of correction you need to make - you can  Re-assign the transaction to the correct constituent - this is done by finding the transaction on the constituents timeline, opening it ...

    Ben Brett