General FAQs

  • Constituent Panel, Timeline or Lists not Displayed Properly

    Very occasionally screens in Donorfy may not display properly - For example: The constituent profile may not be aligned correctly Constituent details panels may be missing or be blank Dashboard tiles may not be displaying Your browser stores som...

    Ben Brett
  • Keeping your organisation's information safe

    Keeping your organisation's information safe and protected from those with malicious intent has long been a priority of businesses. Whilst there are lots as a CRM provider that we do to ensure that your data is protected we thought we’d compile a ...

    Graham Bell
  • Donorfy Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice and Direct Debit Guarantee

    When creating a Donorfy account, the person setting up your Donorfy database will have agreed to the following items: Terms and Conditions Privacy Notice Agreed to pay via Direct Debit - Professional Plan Sometimes, the documents for these items...

    Graham Bell
  • Product Development and Feature Update Requests

    Do you have an idea to improve Donorfy? Great, click the link below and add your suggestion to the feature update requests page. All feature requests are looked at and considered for potentially taking forward within the product development.  http...

    Graham Bell
  • Excel doesn't display diacritics (accents) in download files

    If you create a download file which includes names or addresses containing diacritics (i.e. accents) then you may find that when you open the file in Excel that the diacritics are not properly displayed - however if you open the file in other prog...

    Ben Brett
  • Resetting your password / Forgotten your password

    If you are not able to log in due to your password either not working or you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily reset the password by requesting a new one. To request a new password from your login page ( Click on...

    Graham Bell
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Finance FAQs

  • All Allocations must have a Fund Message

    All allocations for transactions and recurring payment instructions must have a fund associated with them - to enter the fund you need to open up the detail of the allocation using the down arrow (highlighted with a yellow box below) - then you ca...

    Ben Brett
  • Transactions Entered in Error

    If a transaction has been entered in error - depending on the type of correction you need to make - you can  Re-assign the transaction to the correct constituent - this is done by finding the transaction on the constituents timeline, opening it ...

    Ben Brett