• Membership Introduction & Overview

    Welcome to the Memberships tools within Donorfy. Please note Memberships is only available under the Professional Plan as it uses EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). If, after reading through the overview and other supporting documentation you feel ...

    Ben Brett
  • Allowing Access to Membership

    If you want to use the membership features of your Donorfy you need to Switch on the membership feature - to do this select configuration under settings and search for Membership - set Show Membership Feature to Yes and press Update Next allow...

    Ben Brett
  • Setting Up Membership Products

    You need to set up products for each type or class of membership you offer, for example, you might need the following products Individual Membership  Family Membership  Some factors to consider when deciding which membership products you need ar...

    Ben Brett
  • Uploading Memberships & Members

    You can upload memberships and up to 6 members per membership. Memberships and Members Download the Data Preparation template and copy the RPI Memberships worksheet into a new workbook. Please note: the Membership Start Date is when the membershi...

    Ben Brett
  • Membership Paid Up To Date

    A membership recurring payment instruction (RPI) has a Paid Up to Date this is calculated based on payments received and can be used to find membership that have missed payments - e.g. to contact the member or to lapse or expire memberships. Membe...

    Ben Brett
  • Membership Bulk Cancel

    The membership bulk cancel feature allows you to cancel RPIs from non-paying members in bulk - this will stop payments from being collected in the future. The membership bulk cancel feature works with the membership status update feature - i.e. yo...

    Ben Brett
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