• Overview

    This is a Professional Plan only feature - to upgrade see https://donorfy.com/pricing   The Donorfy API allows web sites, other systems and so on to retrieve and send data to Donorfy. This is an advanced feature - you will need programming skills...

    Ben Brett
  • Interactive documentation

    To go to the interactive documentation for all the API's endpoints please go to https://data.donorfy.com/help/index

    Robin Fisk
  • Constituents

    This article provides information about working with Constituents via the API Finding constituents You can retrieve details of constituents using Constituent Id - e.g. https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<your api key>/53530b0c-5eed-4fad-b400-347afc0...

    Ben Brett
  • Finding Potential Duplicates

    This article provides information about finding potential duplicate individual constituents via the API - for example, if you are writing an integration to Donorfy using the API you can use this functionality to locate existing individuals and avo...

    Ben Brett
  • Constituent Purpose & Channel Preferences

    This article provides information about working with Purpose and Channel Preferences via the API. The https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/Constituents/<constituentId>/Preferences endpoint allows to you retrieve or update channel and purposes ...

    Ben Brett
  • Constituent Tags

    When you are adding a constituent or adding timeline items - e.g. transactions - you can add active or excluded tags to constituents by passing details using the ActiveTags & ExcludedTags properties - the ActiveTags contains details of tags you wa...

    Ben Brett
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