Saving emails directly to Timelines

  • Send to Donorfy

    This is a Professional Plan only feature - to upgrade see   Send to Donorfy is an easy way to keep copies of emails sent or received on your constituents’ timelines - this helps you to keep a record of your communicati...

    Ben Brett


  • Getting started - how to create your first Trigger

    To create your first trigger, it's best to work back from the result you're trying to achieve. Example - you want to send an email acknowledgement to the donor when a new recurring donation is set up as a result of the Spring 2022 campaign. The t...

    Robin Fisk
  • Triggers

    Triggers are a powerful feature of Donorfy which allows you to define custom behaviours when specific events happen, such as a new Constituent being added, a new volunteer application and so on. What is a Trigger? A Trigger = an automation. trigge...

    Mark Eastwood
  • Trigger Actions (Email)

    Action type - Email User The Email User action will send an email from your Email Server Settings to any or multiple users listed within your Donorfy and is available for the Constituent, Transaction, Activity, and RPI trigger types. The email sub...

    Garrison Fisk
  • Trigger Email Placeholders

    When creating a Trigger that sends an email to a user or a constituent you can add information that is within Donorfy and relevant to that Constituent, Transaction, RPI, or Activity into the email that is being sent. This makes creating personalis...

    Garrison Fisk