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From within a constituent profile, you can record information about a Trust or Foundation that remains reasonably constant. This is held on a Trust or Foundation constituent profile, along with information such as contact details, areas of interest (criteria), the application process, average amounts awarded, previous grants etc, that is held in a panel called Prospect Research within the constituent profile.


Add Prospect Research information to a Trust or Foundation Constituent Profile

This article assumes you have a Trust or Foundation Constituent Types already created. 

To add Prospect Research information to a Trust or Foundation click on the orange Manage button at the top of the screen.


Choose Add Prospect Info, to add the option to record additional information about the Trust or Foundation on the 'Profile' tab as follows:



This will insert a new panel into your constituent's profile. 


Each area of the panel is explained below:

  • Capacity, Propensity, and Connection scores (1 to 5).

    These can be used to indicate, for example:
    • the size of the Trust (capacity),
    • the closeness of fit with the charity’s cause (Propensity),
    • and the closeness of the relationship you have with the Trust (Connection)

You can define what these scores represent within your organisation, the combination of the three scores can help with indicating best-fit funders and prioritising applications

  • Funding Deadline Months – you can show which months applications are considered by Trustees
  • Months between Applications - how many months have been requested between applications or that your organisation feels appropriate to stipulate
  • Research Manager - the staff member within your organisation that is looking after the Trust or Foundation
  • Total Annual Giving, Typical Gift Size and Suggested Ask Amount can be used to indicate what level of funding is available and what you want to ask for
  • The tags in Funding Preferences and Funding Locations can be configured by your system administrator if you don't have access in using Settings > Configuration > Tags and Tag Categories, and used to identify subject and areas of interest for the Trust or Foundation’s grantmaking
  • Use the text box Research Notes to add any additional information, such as more detail on funding criteria, the application process, specific deadlines, etc.


Once all your information is added, click on Save Changes on the profile and the information will be saved.


You can move the position of the Panel to your favoured place on the Profile by dragging and dropping it. Once in place click on Save Changes and the position will be saved.


Once a constituent has Prospect Research Information added to their Profile, they will be flagged as a potential major donor. This is available from the 'Is Major Donor' field within a Constituent List.


Updating the Prospect Research Details

You can alter the details within the Prospect Research Panel at any time - updating the scores, adding comments etc. Once you have made your updates, click on Save Changes on the Profile and the new data will be added. 

You will be able to review the alterations made within the ChangeLog on the Constituent Timeline.


If the constituent is considered as no longer a Major Donor, you can remove the Prospect Research Panel from their profile. This is done via the Remove Panel button within the Prospect Research Panel.
Clicking on the remove button will remove all of the data within the Prospect Research Panel. As there is no detail within the Prospect Research Panel, the constituent will no longer be flagged as a potential major donor. This is available from the 'Is Major Donor' field within a Constituent List and will display as 'No'.

Removing of the Prospect Research Panel will also remove the Constituent from the Prospects Tab within Opportunities. However, it will not remove the constituent from any Opportunity that they were added as the main constituent 





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