Analysing & Reporting on Recurring Payments


Donorfy stores a lot of information about constituents and their recurring payments e.g. for donations, membership schemes and so on.

This article provides examples of how to make use of that information for planning and decision making - in all cases, you will start by creating a Recurring Payment Instruction list and then in some cases, you may to need to download the list as a CSV file and load it into Excel to perform more complex analysis.

How do I ...

Find everyone who missed a payment this month (or last month etc)?


  Create a list with a filter for the LastPaymentMissedYear & LastPaymentMissedMonth you are interested in - the months as stored as numbers 1 for January etc

Find everyone who has missed payment(s)?


  Use a list with a filter for Status = Overdue

Find recurring payment instructions that will end on a certain date?


  Filter for AllocationEndDate for date you are interested in - if an instruction has several payments running this will be the first one to finish

Send information or a membership pack to all current members whose are due one this month?


  Make sure you are only including active instructions by filtering for Status = Active
and then choose the month based on StartMonth = month you are interested in
Send a thank you to my regular donors?    Make sure you are only including active instructions by filtering for Status = Active
and could then restrict things further e.g. by month based on StartMonth, or PaymentFrequency

Thank people who have recently signed up as a regular donor?


  Filter for DateAdded to find new recurring payment instructions 
Analyse how campaigns, funds, channels, products and so on are performing? 


One recurring payment instruction can contain multiple payments and allocation - when you create a list of recurring payment instructions the campaigns, channels etc are stored in a comma separated list - in addition the payment and allocation amounts are stored in a corresponding comma separated lists called PaymentsBreakdown and AllocationsBreakdown

Download the list into Excel and use the tools their to analyse the data further

Work out expected income?


Make sure you are only including active instructions by filtering for Status = Active then the amount will be the amount you can expect - you can use the PaymentFrequency to know whether its every month, or year etc 

To perform more complex cash flow analysis you could download the list into Excel - the StartMonth will help determine which months payments can be expected

Find recurring payment instructions that have been cancelled.


You will need to use the filter for Cancel Date
You can then set your preferred date range or use a dynamic date such as isToday or Is in this Month, etc.


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