Meta’s partnership with PayPal Giving Fund UK (PPGF)


Meta announced in August that it will be partnering exclusively with PayPal Giving Fund UK (PPGF) to support donations benefitting charities in the United Kingdom.

The partnership will require charities to accept new terms by the 1st of November to enable them to continue to collect donations via Facebook. 

As of the 16th of September, charities that have taken the required action and switched to receive donations from PPGF will benefit from donations made by any donor (previous and new). Charities that have not will be limited to only those donors who previously used a Facebook e-money account. 


Further reading on the changes by Meta can be found here: Meta's partnership with PayPal Giving Fund


What does this mean for Donorfy users?

Have switched to PPGF

If you are using the Facebook Giving Tools and have taken the required action and switched to PPGF, the Transaction Reports will now have changed to include PayPal-specific items. 

You will not be able to upload Facebook files to Donorfy - if you do, they will currently error.


Not yet switched to PPGF

If you have not yet taken the action to switch to PPGF, then we understand that there are no changes to the Transaction Reports and these can still be uploaded to Donorfy. 

We wouldn’t recommend postponing a switch to the PPGF based on the ability to upload data to Donorfy as it is more important that you can fundraise to your fullest.


What is Donorfy doing about the changes?

We are working to include these changes in the Facebook Giving Tools uploader. We hope to deliver a rapid update for this so disruption is kept to a minimum. 


October 2023 - Update

Meta's new File Format has now been included into Donorfy's Facebook Giving Tools. Both the old format and the new file formats from Meta will work within Donorfy.

We have also enhanced the integration where Meta has provided Campaign Owner details after the original Campaign was created in Facebook/Insta. Where no no details were previously provided but subsequent file uploads contain that detail the integration will add the Campaign Owner details as the Fundraiser on the Fundraising Page in Donorfy.



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