Apple Pay


Donorfy Forms can accept donations and payments using Apple Pay - you need to connect your Donorfy to Stripe to use Apple Pay and then set up Apple Pay in your Stripe dashboard - this is done as follows

  • Go to the Apple Pay page in your Stripe account
  • Press the Add new domain button and enter - as shown below - and press Add Note you do not need to perform steps 2 & 3 on - i.e. download and host the verification file - mentioned on the form.


Any donation forms accepting one-off Stripe payments will also be able to accept Apple Pay payments when Apple Pay is available - as shown in the example below


The Apple Pay button will appear when the donor is using Safari and they have set up Apple Pay - for more information see this article

Note that your form must be displayed as a standalone page for Apple Pay to be allowed - Apple does not support embedded forms.


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