Mailchimp integration overview


You can click through a short explainer presentation here or a 40 minute deep-dive video here:

The link between Donorfy and Mailchimp allows you to

  • Send constituents and optionally information about their tags and communication purposes from Donorfy to Mailchimp
  • Update Donorfy when someone Subscribes to a Mailchimp audience, changes their preferences in Mailchimp or unsubscribes from a Mailchimp audience - these operations can update tags and communication purposes in Donorfy (note that an "audience" in Mailchimp used to be known as a "list")
  • View details of Mailchimp profiles and campaigns from a constituent or campaign in Donorfy

Before you start setting up the link it is worth thinking about the data you want to send between Mailchimp and Donorfy - below are some examples to help understand what you can do

Once you have decided on the details of the data that should be shared between Donorfy and Mailchimp refer to the following articles to set things up, to 

1. Setup the data that should be shared between Donorfy and Mailchimp see this article

2. Setup updating Donorfy from Mailchimp see this article

Once you have completed the setup you can send data from Donorfy to Mailchimp as described in this article

Examples of Sending Information from Mailchimp to Donorfy

These are some examples of sending information from Mailchimp to Donorfy

Audience / Mailing List Sign Up

You might use a Mailchimp sign up widget to allow people to sign up to your Mailing List - you might ask people about the types of thing they are happy to be contacted about - e.g. Updates about your work, Events you are running, volunteering and so on

These could map to the GDPR purposes you have in Donorfy - for example



Suppose you have a Mailchimp widget to allow people who are interested in volunteering to sign up and tell the types of volunteering they are interested in - you might have Mailchimp groups like the example below

In Donorfy you might want to add tags based on the volunteering interests - e.g. you could add a tag category called 'Volunteering' and add tags for each interest


Sending data from Donorfy to Mailchimp

This is an example of sending information from Donorfy to Mailchimp

You might have a tag in Donorfy to indicate that someone has an active Gift Aid Declaration - as shown in the example below 

You might want to have a corresponding tag in Mailchimp which you populate from Donorfy and use when segmenting your mailings 


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Mailchimp - enrol here


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