JustGiving integration overview


What does the integration achieve?

If you link Donorfy to JustGiving then Donorfy will retrieve the details of people who have raised money for you (or donated directly) via JustGiving: both fundraisers and any donors who elect not to be anonymous.

The integration supports both JustGiving Classic (Fundraising Pages and Campaign Pages) and Giving Checkout (donates directly from a button on your website or via a scan of a QR code). For further details of how JustGiving Checkout donations are added to Donorfy, click here: JustGiving - Giving Checkout


For JustGiving Classic, Fundraising Pages are also retrieved in their own right, so the performance of individual pages can be reviewed in Donorfy. Fundraising Pages may be mapped to Campaigns in Donorfy, even where they are not directly linked to campaigns in JustGiving - see settings and mappings article.

This integration imports the funds raised on Fundraising Pages - for example, a page set up by someone running the marathon, or commemorating a wedding anniversary. It also imports direct donation data from JustGiving's charity donation and regular giving pages. 

The integration operates as follows:

  • Every night Donorfy requests details from JustGiving relating to Fundraising Pages
  • Each week Donorfy requests details from JustGiving relating to Donations (JustGiving typically provides this file to Donorfy via the API on a Thursday/Friday)

    For both the Fundraising Pages and Donations the first time the request is made you can retrieve details for the last 3 months or from a given date within the last 3 months or going forward - this is set within the JustGiving Settings area in Donorfy, for subsequent requests, Donorfy retrieves any new details

  • If JustGiving does not provide an email address we treat any money raised as anonymous
  • The transactions are added to the constituent's timeline as follows
    • Each donation is added separately, allowing full traceability
    • Transactions will be excluded from Donorfy Gift Aid claims
    • JustGiving charges will be stored in the Processing Costs for the Transaction
    • Other Transaction settings - e.g. product, campaign etc - are picked up from the JustGiving settings (see settings and mappings)
  • For donations made via Fundraising Pages a soft credit is added from the donor constituent to the fundraiser constituent
  • If JustGiving's Gift Aid reclaim service is being used, Gift Aid payments will be processed and applied to the relevant transactions when received; any additional charges will be added to the existing processing costs for the transaction
  • For new fundraising pages, a corresponding 'Fundraising Page Created' activity is added to the constituent timeline for the fundraiser, and will also appear on the corresponding campaign timeline

When does the integration run?

Donorfy requests new data from JustGiving each night. Fundraiser and Fundraising pages will be updated and any new Fundraising Pages added.
On a weekly basis (usually Thursday night) new payments made from JustGiving to the charity will be processed and added to Donorfy.

The first time the integration is run, any payments made over the prior 3 months will be retrieved. This period can be reduced (but not extended) by adjusting the 'Retrieve payment data starting from' date shown under Settings > Configuration > JustGiving Settings. A typical reason for reducing this time window might be because payment data has already been migrated via some other route, e.g. bulk import.

Fundraising pages older than 3 months (up to a maximum of 15 months) will be retrieved to allow payment data to be mapped correctly.

What is the delay on data coming into Donorfy from JustGiving?

Donations made in JustGiving may not appear in Donorfy for up to 2 weeks. This is due to the way JustGiving batches donations into payments which are usually made no more than once a week.

New fundraising pages set up in JustGiving will usually be imported into Donorfy within 1-2 days, along with constituent data for the fundraiser.


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