Mapping Donorfy data to Dotdigital




Data held about a constituent in Donorfy may be mapped to contact data fields or preferences in Dotdigital. If you have set up more than one dotdigital account, you can choose which (one or more) of those accounts any mapping should apply to.

This choice is made using the multi-select field:


Mappings may be made from any of the following relating to a Donorfy constituent:

  • Any data field available in a constituent list
  • A tag (and, once added, any custom fields associated with that tag)
  • A channel
  • A purpose 

The mappings are applied whenever data is synchronised to dotdigital, whether as part of a bulk sync, or during a triggered program enrolment.

Any mapped purposes will be set as Blocked if a contact unsubscribes from that Dotdigital account.

To add a new mapping, select the type of data you wish to map and the destination in dotdigital, make sure the account for which you wish the mapping to apply is selected in the "accounts" box and then click Add New:


You can add as many mappings as you need.




To access the Dotdigital integration you'll need to raise a support ticket




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